The grand reunion!!! In my kitchen

No words are needed :)

Third post.

Happy new year!

I am still waiting for you to…POST. I know you’re busy with school…. but still…:)

So I am almost done with everything uni-app-related and therefore I decided to enjoy my break, my long, extremely-welcomed and longed-for break. Thus, first thing I did was to watch something and I got hooked on #SCANDAL, but I already told you that. Well, I can’t get over it yet. I am trying to watch some other things, but they don’t really deliver as well as Scandal did. Too bad. 

How are your exams? All good? 

Say “Hi” to Niky.



p.s.: I had some post-bftf blues these days. strange’s coming back. Can’t believe almost 2 years passed since then.I mean #WHEN???

Here, two posts in a row just to get you motivated.

I need a kickass commonapp essay and it seems like every experience i’ve had so far in life is worthfuckingless. Nothing seems to good to be read by an admission officer, especially since i am not part of a racial, sexual or religious  minority, nor do I have a handicap. #averagepeopleproblems again.

(im)patiently waiting for your post.

Muchos love 


Should we get back in business??

Let’s do this! 

Christmas is here. Thank God! It;s supposedly my favorite holiday, mine and the majority’s. #averagepeopleproblems. Anyway, the Christmas lights in Bucharest are finally lookable at. We had to endure about 5 years for this to happen though. 

You should be back in Poland by now, I think. So wanna do a bit of looking back on these past 3 months and answer the “How’s London” question for the nth time?!

If things aren’t going as I would like them to go this time around either, London shall be my destination for the year to come, which is something I’m not really excited about. 

Anyhow, too long of a post already.

Write to me dear.




woo it’s december


Sorry for the delay, the time has come to write a shitload of essays. Submitted my first one on Sunday, after 3 days of pure and utter panic. Roma read it; it was shit. Yet another thing to add to the list of things I suck at. I’ve got 3 more to write. 

Since we’re in the EU we don’t need permits, I never heard of them anyway. You just need proof of address (which is basically any mail addressed to you somewhere in the UK) to open an English bank account. 

My eating habits are even more fucked up than my sleeping habits, which is saying something. I’ve read that first years gain over 2 stone during first year, which I don’t find surprising at all. Almost everything I eat is processed food, junk or fast food and sugar in different forms. I go to uni in the morning, and come back usually in the evening or after midnight, cause I sit in the library or visit friends. Obviously after I come back I’m too tired to cook so the vicious cycle continues. 

Niky’s still madly in love. She even considered going to Belgium one weekend but feels like W wouldn’t want her there. 

My mom sent me a GIANT package full of clothes, chocolate and nail polish, so I’m good :) 

Exciting news: i’M GOING TO SWEDEN FOR READING WEEK! This is literally the only thing that keeps me going. I’m visiting my aunt, which means girl talk, GOOD HOME COOKED FOOD, Swedish lanscape and the general tranqulity. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes.

Kisses and hugs,


You did write, oh, the joy!

Glad to hear London’s not that bad. By the end of the first year you’ll come to love it… ahaha. A friend of mine said he loves it because it is just like in films and he pictures it as a bigger, better, more modern version of Bucharest.

I’m working here and there, teaching English and selling clothes. Just getting ready for the grown-up version of working. You said last time that it’s a nuisance always being worried about money. Want to get a job or something? Any news about the work permits for Romanians, Poles and Bulgarians? 

Seems like you found someone to feed you. How long do you think that’s gonna last? 

I forgot to give my friend that nail polish I promised. So sorry!! Will give it to you in person the next time I meet you, which hopefully will not be that far away from now.

Niky’s prince charming is coming to Bucharest this weekend… She’s still head over heels in love with him, right?

You seem to have a thing for Italian…girls. Lucky you <3. 

Talk to you soon.



P.S.: Good luck with your essay. You’re gonna nail it

Exams are once a year in June, but my nearest assignment has to be handed in on the 27th, it’s a literature review on “What is Politics?”.

Some days are better, some are worse. Today was nice - my seminar tutor is a cross between James Franco and Norman Reedus, so getting to stare at him for an hour on Monday morning is always a plus. Today he was wearing a grey t-shirt which made his blue eyes pop even more, ahh. 

After my morning lectures I got to hang out with Giulia (also Italian, wonder what’s up with that), went to another lecture, hung out with G more and then went to my German translation seminar. Last week we got a grumpy old man because our tutor was away, so today he brought us all cookies to make up for it. After that I ate dinner at Melissa’s, which was even nicer, and got home around 10 pm. 

So yeah, today was nice.

Adam lives on Tottenham Court Road and he pays 110 pw but has to share a room, which he’s kinda unhappy about since his roommate apparently never leaves the room and Adam misses his privacy.

Niky will never have enough of boys, c’mon. She’s still on the lookout. I’m done with them.

Our night… wasn’t as good as expected. We had a lot of fun in G-A-Y but for some reason it was closing at midnight (!) on Saturday so we went wandering around and finally ended up in a really, really gay bar complete with half naked male pole dancers. Fun times.

I’m really sorry about your SATs, when is the next session?

Where are you working?


I told you that I just needed you to write..ahah

So mixed feelings for London, hm? 

I really think you’re gonna be fine though. When do you have exams? 

You have to learn how to cook something, asap. 

By the way, how far from you is Adam? Is he staying in UCL’s campus? 

I’m currently studying and working my way off this gap year. I should have taken SAT 1 this past Saturday, but guess what? I got freaking sick, as in a cold and a lack of calcium, I’m not sure how it’s called in English, anyway it resulted in a few shots and an IV, so I had to postpone my SAT. Which is not exactly what I wanted to hear…

Also work is here to keep me company.. hooray. 

I thought about coming to London in January( that in case they free the way to work permits for Romanians) and find something to work there and eventually stay there for uni as well. We’ll see…

So no more boys? Or does Niky have enough for both?

How was the night out with all three of you? Judging by the photos I’d say you had a blast. ahaha



Time to update? I can see you’re nowhere near writing something, and I don’t want this thing to die so… Here it is.

London is… weird. It’s overcrowded, overpriced, over-advertised, lound and smells of weed. Things would have been better if I wouldn’t have to constantly worry about money.

Niky is slowly driving me insanse with fears of never being a barrister and never getting a job in law (she just started!) and also with boyfriend-hunting. She’s convinced the love of her life (well, not exactly, since we all know who that is) is hiding in the clubs of London and she’s commited to going to parties in search of him. She also briefly considered becoming a lesbian, but that idea quickly died.

It’s been 3 weeks of uni and I’m already behind, already unmotivated and already procrastinating. I can’t make out about 80% of my academic reading because it just sounds like somone found a Thesaurus, took a class in Academic Writing 101 and then just rolled with it.

Living in my halls has both pros and cons, pros being that we don’t live in flats, like people on campus do, so I’m not limited to flatmates, but cons include commuting, very tiny room and living on Murder Mile. On the bright side I’m the only person who actually made some friends in halls. 

I can’t cook and have trouble feeding myself, so I’m on a crumpet-cornflakes-and-toast diet. It’s all fun until I fuck up my stomach that way. Thankfully Jake can and occasionally does cook for me and Yasmin (floormate?). 

Night bike rides alond the Regent’s Canal, trips to Soho and Brick Lane market are fun, and London certainly has its moments, but I haven’t learnt to love this city just yet.

Please write.